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Identity Card :

College identity card will be issued to all the students after taking admission to the college.

Attendance :

A student must obtain the required percentage of attendance as per the rules of the Nagaland University. A student whose percentage falls below 80% will not be eligible to appear in the final examination.

Discipline :

Candidates must submit the following documents along with the application Form:
 1.  Students must maintain a respectful silence in the class room. They must be attentive while lecture is being delivered. Interaction between teachers and students are highly encouraged.
 2.  In the absence of a teacher or during the off period, students must not indulge in anything that may disturb other classes, but rather they are encouraged to devote themselves in the library.
 3.  In pursuance of the Supreme Court order Yingli College is declared NO TOBACCO & NO SMOKING ZONE. The college, therefore, reserves the right to expel a student or to send a student to the legal authority if found under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.
 4.  No society or organization should be formed in the college without the permission of the authority.
 5.  Students whose attendance is irregular, who do not pay their fees, who are habitually unpunctual, absent from the classes, disobedient or disrespectful to the teaching staff or whose conduct is incompatible to the discipline of institution will attribute dismissal from the college.

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